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Welcome to my website! My name is Vilma, and I am the founder of Vilma’s Vault.

I am thrilled to share my passion for authenticating designer goods with you and offer a curated selection of pre-owned handbags.

My journey into the world of second-hand fashion began at the age of 10, when I would eagerly explore thrift stores in search of unique clothing items for both myself and my family.

Over the years, my love for vintage and pre-loved fashion grew, and I became fascinated by the stories and craftsmanship behind luxury goods.

I spent almost a decade refining my skills and knowledge in the industry, working with renowned reselling platforms.

If you’re ready to add a touch of luxury to your bag collection or find the perfect accessory to elevate your style, explore my collection of pre-loved authentic designer bags.

Each piece has a story to tell, waiting to be continued with a new owner who appreciates the beauty of timeless fashion.

Discover our newest treasures!

A Guide to Louis Vuitton Date Codes

Have you ever poked around the interior of your Louis Vuitton handbag and come across a discreetly placed combination of letters and numbers? Would it surprise you to discover that they hold a significant meaning…

Repurposed Designer Jewellery

Do you think a €1,000 Chanel necklace (from it’s jewelry line) is worth the price for what’s basically fake pearls? Yep, neither do I.
In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating journey of how I embarked on the path of recreating repurposed designer jewelry from old bag accessories.

The History Of Chanel

Do you know the story behind the woman who granted women the freedom to dress, during the World War II period? Gabrielle Chanel was born in 19 August 1883 in Saumur, France. She was orphaned at the age of 12, following her mother’s tragic death from tuberculosis…

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